Areola Pigmentation & Restoration

Each year, many women are told they have breast cancer, which is devastating. Mastectomy is sometimes performed, which involved removing all or part of the breast.

Plastic surgeons can recreate the breast using breast reconstruction surgery, but not the areola.

However, with permanent cosmetics, we can restore the areola and give back what was taken away. The technique for recreating the areola is a delicate one, and involves intensifying the color of an areola and pigmenting in a three-dimensional nipple. The results are simply stunning.

Only few Cosmetologists are trained for this specialized area. Trinkette Parker is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in this much-needed area of the medical community.

Trinkette offers Areola Pigmentation & Restoration to Pensacola & surrounding areas (including Panama City, Mobile, & Ft. Walton).

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